How To Prepare Your File To Print A Canvas

Printed banners are one of the most economical and effective advertising media on the market. Its high visibility and duration make it one of our customers’ favorite products. That is why we want to give you some tips so that you can make the most of your printed banners.

Here you can find the best tips on hanging canvas prints.

The Best Use of a Tarp

The banners serve to communicate a single message and a single action. One mistake many people make is treating their banners like ruffles. By doing so, the canvas is filled with text, photos and unnecessary information that nobody will be able to read.

The banners are made to be seen in seconds and in that time it is only possible to absorb very little information. Therefore, focus on the header and the minimum necessary information.

As a general rule, the tarpaulins must have a maximum of 4 elements:

  • Logo
  • Graphic
  • Message
  • Action

If you limit your canvas to these 4 elements, it will automatically improve its quality.

Less Words is More Message

Consider putting a limit to the number of words on your canvas. We recommend no more than 15 words, including telephone and contact information.

Eliminate Redundant Information

Another thing that happens a lot is to put the address of the place, when the canvas is hung in the place. Is it unnecessary????

If you are going to place your banner in your premises, make sure that what you want to advertise is very easy to read. It also includes a telephone number, website, email and hours if necessary.

Use the Printing Guides

All printing requires inside margin and liner (also called outside margin).

Consider the Texture of the Canvas

The texture of a canvas is porous. This makes it very weather resistant, but the print will lose some definition. Therefore, if you are going to use photographs on your canvas, consider that the definition of the photo will not be optimal. The most important thing about your banner is the message, not the photo.

Duration and Care of the Canvas

The #1 enemy of the canvas is the sun and more in our beloved Monterrey ???? The canvas material is made to last between 3 and 5 years, however, wind, rain or mistreatment can easily break it. The ink on the canvas is the one that can be washed away by the sun. Depending on this, the ink can last 1-2 years.

To ensure that your tarp lasts as long as possible, try to place the tarp somewhere where you know the sun won’t be shining directly on the tarp for a long time. Also, be sure to tie down the tarp using as many eyelets as possible to distribute the weight. If you tie the canvas only at the corners, all the weight will fall on them and sooner or later they will break.

To protect the tarp from the wind, place it on a wall or, if this is not possible, have holes cut for wind circulation in the tarp. Another option is to print on Canvas Mesh, which allows the wind to pass through micro perforations.