How to Plan an Office Move

 As your business grows, your space may no longer be adequate for smooth operations, hence the need to relocate to a bigger space. However, planning an office move can be tedious and time-consuming. You have to juggle different tasks and still meet your deadlines. Luckily, there are many mover companies that can help ensure a stress-free move. Are you planning to move an office and not sure where to begin? This has never been easier! Check out tips to guide you.

1. Design a moving checklist

 Various factors can contribute to an office move. These may include downsizing, expanding, or reducing costs. No matter your reason for moving, a checklist should be the starting point to planning a successful move. It will guide you in the process and help you stay on track. Therefore, list all the items required to ensure the moving company executes the task without disruption.

2. Set a timeline

Determine the essential tasks and prepare a timeline for all the events. Set a reminder to avoid missing the most important steps and find out when your lease expires. Think of how long it will take to prepare the new office for a move. Also, set enough time for decluttering and setting up tech devices in the new office. Once you have everything in order, choose a preferred moving date.

3. Have a budget

A budget helps you determine the total cost of moving your office and where each coin goes. For instance, if hiring packing, moving and offloading services from a professional mover company, plan adequately for all the costs. Set a budget to aid you in tracking your expenses and avoid unnecessary costs.

 The cost of relocation will depend on the size of your office, the type of equipment, and the services hired. Remember your risk of incurring damages to your equipment, and it’s wise to factor in moving insurance in your budget.

4. Get a quote& Book a mover company.

 A mover company will come in handy during the move. Such firms have professional teams trained to handle different office equipment and appliances. What’s more, they use high-quality and appropriate packing supplies to minimize breakages during the move. 

  Search for a couple of companies and get quotes. The cost will vary from one service provider to another. Choose the most experienced company will a skilled team to move your type of equipment. Hire the company in advance to avoid delays, particularly when moving during the peak season.

5. Plan your new office

 A good office design ensures productivity and improved employee morale. Hire a professional team to design and transform your space into a functional working space. Consider your existing equipment and number of employees and develop a customized relocation plan. Have a floor plan showing where to locate your furniture and share a copy with the movers and the IT team.

The bottom line

 Proper planning ensures a successful move. Plan everything in advance and budget for every expense involved. Engage an experienced mover company with the right equipment and supplies for the task. Remember to notify your clients where to get your services during the moving process.