How to Find the Best iPad® Charger for Your Lifestyle

The iPad’s tablet market share may be decreasing, but it’s still a popular choice. And if you want to use an iPad for streaming videos or anything else, you need the perfect iPad charger.

Whether you plan to use a portable iPad charger, a charging station, or a regular cable, you have options. Keep reading to learn how to select a charger that meets your needs.

Consider Where You Charge

First, you should determine where you use and charge your iPad the most. Maybe you want to keep your iPad on your desk to use as a second screen with your Mac.

Or perhaps you like to keep it in a dock on the wall, like this one here. Knowing where you keep your iPad can help you make sure you choose an iPad charger that’s long enough to reach an outlet.

If you don’t need an outlet, you may only need a cable that can connect to your computer or to a charging station. Either way, knowing where you charge your tablet can help you find the right cable and connection.

Avoid Knock-Off Chargers

If at all possible, stick to using an Apple iPad charger or a charger from another trusted brand. Genuine Apple chargers are the safest bet since they work specifically with your iPad.

Fake chargers are usually more affordable, but that’s because a lot of manufacturers cut corners. At best, your iPad may charge a bit slower, so you’ll have to wait to use it.

But at worst, a knock-off charger may cause a fire and harm you, your iPad, and anyone else around. It’s worth paying more for a real charger to protect yourself and your tablet.

Think About Your Budget

Of course, Apple chargers can be expensive, so you should consider the cost. You can lower the price of your iPad charger by looking for a used charger.

Another option is to use the iPad charger that comes with your device for as long as possible. Take good care of it and avoid bending the cable unnecessarily so that you can get more use out of it.

If you can’t quite afford an Apple iPad charger, look for one from a brand such as Logitech. That way, you can get a good iPad Pro charger that fits in your personal budget.

Replace the Cable Only

Whenever your find your charger stops working well, you should replace it. However, you don’t need to replace the entire thing.

Instead, look for a new charging cable, and use it with your current charging brick. Apple usually sells cords and bricks separately, so this should be easy.

Not only can you save on money, but you can also reduce waste. And you’ll be able to charge your iPad the same way you’ve been doing so.

Which iPad Charger Will You Use?

The best iPad charger can make it easier to fill the battery on your tablet. Before you purchase the first charger you find, consider how and where you use your tablet.

Think about your budget, and make sure to avoid fake iPad chargers at suspiciously low prices. Then, you can get the most out of your purchase and keep your iPad safe.

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