How To Declutter For A Move

Moving to your new abode that you have been working on is exciting. However, the stress of having to haul a lot of luggage to the new home can be daunting. Do you know what you need to do? Declutter! Decluttering will not only save you some space but also time and effort. Having to carry a lot of stuff that you do not need to your new home can be tiresome, and you will have to incur a lot of costs paying the movers too. 

While you might think that you do not have clutter in your house, the truth of the matter is that almost everyone does. If you are wondering where to start, worry not! In this read, we will give you tips to help you have an easier time decluttering for a move.

1. Set a time frame

How long do you have before moving out? The time you have will guide you on how long you should take to declutter. If you have two months before moving out, you could spare two weeks for decluttering. 

Now that you will have a time frame set, allocate the days you will be spending on each room. This will, in turn, help you do things systematically and avoid the last-minute rush.

2. Declutter room by room

To avoid overworking yourself, declutter a room at a time. Items that have accumulated a lot of dust or you have never used for about six months or so count as clutter; get rid of such. Decluttering a room at a time will ensure that you do not leave any clutter around hence saving you a lot of space in your new home.

3. Learn to let go

Sometimes we hold on to things that we don’t really need in our homes. While we acknowledge that it may be hard to let go, you need to learn to do so. For instance, if you have an extra fridge in your storage room that you have not been using and are still stuck with it, you can as well let it go. Instead of having it lying around in your home, you can give it out to someone who will put it into use. 

3. Find out where you will take the clutter

Before the BRS moving team comes to help you with move, you will need to need to think about is where to take the clutter. Will you give the items to your family, friends or donate? You can set some apart to give some of your friends, others to your family, and some for donation. You can also decide to sell some of the items to get an extra amount that can help you cater for a few moving expenses. 

Wrap up

Besides the obvious benefits of decluttering, it also leaves you happier. In the process, you might find stuff that reminds you of a special someone or special times that you had. You can make your decluttering process fun by playing some music in the background, and best believe, you will be done before you know it!