How to Best Clean and Sanitize During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Cleaning and sanitizing are integral to maintain good health and a healthy environment. That’s why we are repeatedly told to wash our hands and take regular showers from our childhood. Even if we tend to ignore some or all of the cleaning advice from time to time, it’s no longer a less-risky idea. Amidst the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic, a lax hygiene routine can even be life-threatening.

Not only that but also this pandemic has made us aware of the cleanliness of the environment we live in and work from. As the Covid-19 virus can spread through the air particles and surfaces, we must clean and sanitize our environment to remain safe. This is when the task becomes more complicated.

Challenges of cleaning and sanitizing larger spaces

Cleaning your hands and clothes regularly may feel tedious, but it is in no way difficult. Cleaning the surfaces and touch-prone areas, on the other hand, can be both tiresome and challenging. I mean, it’s already hard enough to keep facilities like hospitals, schools, industries, and other public areas clean. The disinfection requirements in the ongoing pandemic have made it even harder. You can’t just get away with using only cleaning liquids anymore. Rather, you would have to use some additional disinfectant and spray them quite frequently over a day.

Maintaining such a rigorous cleaning schedule is almost impossible. But failing to do so can put many people at a lot of risks. Ironically, a more frequent sanitizing effort may put the cleaners at risks of other health issues caused by inhaling too much disinfectant. The cost of buying cleaning liquids for frequent use is also destined to rise.

Tackling the sanitizing challenges with steam cleaners

Remember the old saying that claims that the bigger the challenges, the simpler the solutions? Tackling the task of disinfecting larger spaces is no different to that. No matter how tough it seems to disinfect public spaces, a steam cleaner can make it seem like a breeze.

As the name suggests, a steam cleaner is nothing but a cleaner that uses hot water steams. These machines work by heating water to its boiling point. Once an operator sprays the steam in the atmosphere, it automatically becomes clean. As most viruses don’t survive a temperature above 70-degree Celsius, it is also an effective disinfectant.

Most steam cleaners work against coronaviruses. However, it does require you to spray steaming water vapours directly and from a close distance. In turn, it can slow down the cleaning efforts. Thankfully, you can get around this issue by using a special disinfectant made for steam cleaners. The disinfectants also often use only saturated steams. And so, they are not harmful to humans or the environment.

There are different types of cleaners in the market. For huge industrial needs, choose a stationery cleaner with a large water tank. For portability, choose mobile steam cleaners.