How to be Sure That You Have Moved into the Safest PG in Greater Noida in this Pandemic

There is no foolproof protection against the pandemic, but intent can make a whole lot of difference. Like wearing a mask properly at all times when you are out. Or washing your hands for a solid 30 seconds at least. Or using a sanitizer. Or not hanging out in closed groups or even big crowds. Or staying in a PG that has strict measures around hygiene, sanitation, social distancing, etc. That last bit will definitely help you differentiate between a safe PG in Greater Noida and well, just a PG.

We are sure you are following all healthcare advisories properly, so when it comes to hunting for a place that matches your expectations, we have a few suggestions on how to go about moving into a new place.

Our simplest suggestion would be to pick a professionally managed accommodation like Stanza Living. That’s because they operate their residences with a trained team, they have adopted strict COVID-proofing protocols and they ensure that you get access to amenities like food, wifi, laundry, housekeeping, etc like clockwork, irrespective of the situation outside. They also have multiple properties across Greater Noida so you can choose the accommodation that best suits you. But just in case you are unable to go for a managed accommodation at your desired location, the standards they keep are the best benchmark to measure if any other PG/flat or rental accommodation might be able to cover even a fraction of the safety aspects they offer. Here’s a checklist to help you narrow down your search:

Move into a Hygiene-Focused Place

That should be your top priority, without any doubts. Does the place offer you ample space to yourself, appropriate social distance within rooms or do you have to adjust in cramped rooms with multiple people? Do they carry out all health monitoring diligently for residents and staff? Do they have rigorous sanitization and cleaning schedules? What measures do they take in an emergency health situation? How smoothly and hygienically are the daily living services delivered by the staff? If you choose anything other than a new-age managed accommodation, then that place must satisfy most of these questions.

Move into a Well-Furnished Space

Rather than having to face the problem of moving your furnishings, it is smarter to move into well-outfitted homes. This lessens the danger of going around hunting for basic furniture, interacting with various people to help you move in etc. Choosing a managed accommodation like Stanza Living is pretty apt in this scenario as you’ll get everything from beds, cupboards, desks to common-use appliances like washing machine, water purifiers, microwave, toaster, induction, geyser, refrigerator, etc. That’s more appliances than we will probably ever use.

Move-in Digitally

The world is going digital, and so should you. Take a virtual visit through the spot and complete the majority of your administrative work online. Abstain from coming in physical contact with a lot of people and conduct as much as possible of your research/ information gathering online, through video calls, etc. Get your rent agreements/ terms and conditions, payments all done online. Apart from being a more hassle-free way, it is so much safer.

In days where security is beginning to mean more than just a 24×7 guard, CCTV monitoring, and biometric access, you also need to be careful about taking precautions to protect yourself from infection exposure. At this stage, having roommates who also follow all relevant advisories is extremely important. So, make sure you pick a PG in Noida that strongly enforces these rules. There is just no space for compromise.