How Progressive Web Apps are Changing the mCommerce in 2021?

We all are heading towards a fast-paced world.  

With the increasing penetration of the internet, rising number of devices, and working ecosystem revolves around the digital world, make life goes busy. 

All this led to decreasing attention span which is nearly less than 8 seconds. 

So, as an enterprise, you only have got 10 seconds of time to catch the attention of customers on your digital platform. 

Especially, if you have an eCommerce website, then the road becomes even bumpier for you to reach the target audience. 

Again, the concern is how to get the user’s attention towards your eCommerce platform and let them stay for long?

Well, the answer lies in creating something seamless. More like a combination of a fast mobile app like a website that can be accessed on both systems.

Yes, we are signalling towards PWA, Progressive Web App Development for your enterprise skip everything and just got customer’s attention quickly. 

Thus, in this blog, our main point of interest is how progressive web app is changing the facet of mCommerce and what are the benefits.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web App is the new buzzword in the world of mobile and web app development ecosystems. It is a new age technology of creating a native platform like application that offers standard performance on desktop and mobile.

It is easy to access a website that offers robust performance on desktop along with giving seamless experience on mobile as well. Performs like a native application, Progressive Web Apps offers push notifications, convey messages, functions offline, and add them to the smartphone screen. 

In simple terms, a progressive web app is a website that feels like an app for users. But, unlike the actual application, users need not have downloaded the same from the AppStore. Moreover, PWA is extremely responsive, lightweight, and requires less space as compared to other applications and websites. 

Role of Progressive Web Apps in mCommerce

Mobile commerce is increasing at an exponential speed. It is because, more and more customers prefer to shop online via mobile app to experience ease, quickness, and convenience. 

However, using native mobile applications have their own set of drawbacks. It is because of the increasing chances of uninstalling the app from the device. But this is not the case with a new-age progressive web app, which is here to change the future of mCommerce. 

There is no need to download the PWA app on any device, as it can be accessed just like a website on a smartphone itself. Moreover, it carries less memory space on the device and operates fast to bring an enhanced level of user experience. 

Here, we have some of the key features of PWA in the mCommerce world.

* PWA requires less space as compared to alternatives like native apps including Andriod & iOS.

* It allows mobile users do not to free the space for the application on their device.

* It works extremely fast even on a poor internet connection.

* It offers an incredible solution as a cross-platform app that leads to an increased set of conversions and leads.

* PWA has the potential to bring 55% more of the eCommerce traffic.

Undoubtedly, progressive web apps provide an exceptional browsing experience to customers on mobile & desktops. Mainly because of its compact size and less memory, it offers a flawless user experience and incredible speed.

To supplement our discussion, look at the following advantages of PWA for mobile commerce:

* It increases the conversion rate of the eCommerce store.

* It helps reduce the device’s storage space up to 25 times.

* Reducing the bounce rate.

* It works fine without installing new versions.

* It operates efficiently across all the platforms.

* It supports push notifications.

Additional Advantages of PWA for eCommerce 

1. Save Mobile App Development Time

Building native apps for the respective operating system require different code functionality. It also requires getting approval from the reviewers of a particular platform. Thus, all this led to a little delay in developing the application. 

Whereas, PWA’s architecture relies on reusable codes. It allows developers to use them over and over again to quickly develop the application in a cost-effective manner. 

2. Bridge the Gap Between Customers & Merchants

Using a Progressive Web App is certainly beneficial for users in the following ways:

* Like any other Native app, users need not download the PWA and get into the time-consuming act of installing & then authenticating. Such is the efficiency of PWA that does not require any installation.

* With already having a bunch of apps on the user’s smartphone, the most time people forget to access most of them. However, PWA can be accessed via any browser and users get ample time to know the updates of such apps.

* PWA does save the storage space on customers’ devices. Thus, users need to face the hassle of slower device’s functionality or clogging the phone.

3. Offer Offline Functionality

One of the benefits of implementing PWA in the mCommerce space is seamless caching and service workers APIs in the background. Such functionality enables cache elements and sending notifications. Thus, even if the users are offline, they can still access the features of the app.

4. Highly Flexible and Responsive

One thing is for sure that Progressive Web Apps are highly flexible and responsive with having a user-friendly layout. Such apps adjust automatically to the different desktop sizes and layouts. 

Ultimately, PWA offers a seamless user experience to customers accessing the app on any device and that too without downloading. It is also mobile-responsive that has the scope to attract more visitors.

Concluding Thoughts 

Progressive Web Apps is an ideal way to enhance the reach, user experience, and product sales of the eCommerce platform. The functionality is ready to dominate mCommerce by allowing users not to download the app and simply access it anywhere and even offline.

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