How Can a Sewer Video Inspection Help Get Rid of Repetitive Plumbing Problems?

A clogged toilet or sink is the worst thing you can have at home. It is disgusting and can cause various health and structural damage if prolonged. A clogged toilet is something you may want to avoid DIY. Therefore, when the problem becomes repetitive such that you have to fix it often, it may be time to consider sewer video inspection to eliminate the issues for good.

A sewer video inspection is an excellent method that is non-invasive and helps investigate the origin of the problem. A clogged drain is a serious problem, so you should consider getting help with emergency plumbing. The plumbers use technology to get to the origin of plumbing issues and remove them permanently. Using a waterproof camera, the professionals can go through the sewer line and the pipes underground to look for problems and their root causes. Therefore, if you have recurring plumbing issues, a camera inspection may be the best option. Let us look deeper into sewer video inspection and when you need it.

When Do You Know It is Time to Call for Sewer Video Inspection?

As mentioned, you need to know when to call for emergency plumbing. That means when you notice repetitive plumbing issues even after the professional has fixed them. Remember, backflow and small leaks could be severe underlying problems. Therefore, the inspection will help diagnose and solve the issue from the root cause. Therefore, you need to call for emergency plumbing for sewer camera inspection if you notice the following signs:

  • Foul odor from the drain
  • Drains emptying slowly
  • Drains making noise
  • Sewage backups
  • Toilets and sinks keep clogging
  • Wet spots in the compound
  • Sewage smell around your home

What Problems Will the Camera Spot?

You may spend around $300 for the inspection. However, the cost is nothing compared to how much you will spend on fixing recurring problems, not to mention the lack of peace of mind. The great news is that you can get a discount on the services. Most plumbing issues cannot be identified from the surface. Therefore, a sewer video inspection will help investigate and spot them for easier fixing. Such issues include:

Cracked underground pipes

The camera will also help see the underground pipes. Sometimes you might notice the pipes have cracked and collapsed, causing the blockage. Once diagnosed, the plumber will help fix the issue.

Tree roots blocking the pipes

Tree roots can cause blockage when they grow across or through the pipes. That could be the reason why you always have drainage issues at home. The roots can press against the pipes causing cracks, blockage, or significant damage.


Corrosion is also another common problem you might find in the sewer line. It mostly happens because of the kind of dirt passing through the lines, and the leaks can cause various issues to your home.

Material blockage

The drain may also need to be fixed because something is blocking the water and waste from flowing efficiently. You may have fixed it, but the issue runs deeper than where you can reach.

What to Do

Diagnosing these issues is the first step to fixing them. Now that you know where the problem is, ensure you work with the plumber to fix them. They will develop a repair plan based on your needs and information on keeping your system running efficiently.