GPR Scanning Services to Find the Unseen

It can be hard enough to find things that are left out in the open, so imagine trying to find something that is either buried or embedded in concrete or a block wall! Even if you have a map of where your utility lines are buried on your property or generally know where the rebar was placed in your concrete slab, sometimes you need to know its exact location. This is often the case when the ground or concrete needs to be disturbed for a contrition project, since hitting a buried or embedded hazard could cause expensive damage or even be life-threatening!

Taking the extra time to scan a surface before disturbing it to find out what is beneath is the wise way to proceed. Fortunately, you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment and invest your own time learning how to use it. Instead, you can call in one of the GPR scanning services in your area to do it for you!

What Can GPR Scanning Services Find?

GPR (which is short for ground penetrating radar) is amazing technology. It can reveal, with surprising accuracy, what is underneath the ground, embedded in concrete, or even under water! It can locate buried utility lines such as power lines, gas lines, water lines, telecommunications cables, and more. When scanning concrete slabs, it can find where rebar or post-tension cables are located and how far below the surface they are.

GPR Scanning Services Are Best for Targeted Searches

One thing you wouldn’t want to use GPR scanning services for—unless you have a lot of time and money on your hands—would be to search a very large area. In other words, GPR is best for locating buried or embedded things within a targeted area. This is because GPR scanners are relatively small pieces of equipment—typically the size of a push lawnmower—and need to pass over every square inch in order to find what’s below the surface.

If you were to hire someone to scan multiple acres of land in an attempt to find buried treasure or something else, it would likely cost you more than said treasure was worth!

GPR scanning services are most effective when you have a relatively small area in question—like if you want to dig a trench in a certain area to add a new plumbing line or dig multiple holes to put in a new fence. A professional from a GPR scanning service can complete a thorough scan and mark out where buried hazards are located so they are easy to avoid.

As you research GPR scanning services in your area, look for one that has a large toolbox of scanning equipment, in addition to GPR scanners, and that has the experience necessary to provide you with an accurate reading. If you are located in Southern California, check out Enhanced Scanning, which services San Diego and Riverside Counties, as well as the surrounding areas.