Four Tips for a Successful Mobile Billboard Campaign

There are many unique and eye-catching ways for businesses of all types to market their products and services to the public. One of the most innovative options to surface in recent years involves the use of mobile billboards to capture the attention of motorists, pedestrians, and almost anyone who happens to be out in public. While there are countless ways that such a campaign can reach a target audience with an actionable message, the following steps can help anyone get the most success possible out of their advertising budgets.

1. Make the Most of its Versatility

For upstart companies or businesses with frequently changing promotions, it is not always an effective strategy to purchase a traditional billboard with a message that stays the same throughout the campaign. Instead, using mobile billboards is a great way to change the marketing message and related content without adding to the advertising costs.

Another benefit of this versatile strategy is that novices can try out several different messages to determine which is most effective at translating into new customers and resulting in the largest return on the initial investment.

2. Target Your Audience Directly

Since using mobile billboards means that advertisers like Movia can decide exactly where their messages will be seen, it is much easier to put signs in front of the right people. For example, a brand that is popular among young adults might want to flood the areas near local colleges with billboards that deliver their latest promotion. It is easier than ever to build brand recognition and reach a core demographic by using automobiles on the road to get the word out.

Putting a traditional billboard in the wrong location can be a costly mistake, but it is much easier to judge how effective a mobile billboard is in attracting the right type of potential customers and clients. If there is an error in judgment, it is simple to correct course and put the billboards in a better location or neighbourhood.

3. Make the Message Stand Out

Consumers are almost constantly inundated with marketing messages and advertisements. The result can be that individuals are tuned out and simply overlook campaigns that might otherwise offer a product or service that they would be interested in purchasing. Fortunately, mobile billboards are still a bit of an anomaly. Even in communities where they are commonplace, people who are stuck in traffic or walking down the sidewalk will read what is plastered on the side of a truck or affixed to the roof of a car.

Making the most out of this novelty is quite easy with a bit of thought about what the billboard’s message should be. Choosing a simple slogan, a bold design, and an engaging font are a few of the ways that even relatively inexperienced advertisers can capture as many leads as possible through the use of this intriguing type of advertising.

4. Take Advantage of a Captive Audience

When watching content online or through a streaming service, it is easy to skip ads or simply get up and walk out of the room when a commercial break begins. Likewise, traditional billboards are situated far enough off the road that motorists and passengers can easily ignore them or pay attention elsewhere. Using mobile billboards, however, is a great way for advertisers to reach an audience with no real alternatives other than reading the message. These vehicles are at eye level, and it is impossible for people to ignore an advertisement that is travelling alongside them on the road. Of course, this means it is important to deliver an ad campaign that is not annoying or difficult to understand.

Studies show that, when done correctly, a mobile billboard is among the most effective strategies for companies to use when their goal is for an audience to remember their name or message.