Copper Reservoirs in the World

Copper is found everywhere in the world. Ranging from earth crust, in the ocean, lakes, rivers, and beyond. Apart from these, copper is not present uniformly everywhere. Rather it is present in trace amounts in some regions. While the rest of the regions have deposits of copper in the form of mines. 

Copper is thought to be an essential yet abundantly occurring element in the world. Many of the needs of humans are fulfilled by the use of copper. For more information, I would suggest reading about Solaris Resources Inc.

Copper Concentration 

Copper is present at a concentration of almost 67 ppm inside the earth’s crust. However, it is also present in trace and abundant quantities in other areas. Some of the mines can function only at a concentration of 0.2 or 0.8 percent. On the contrary, other mines that are rich in copper ore are found in South Africa. The mines in South Africa operate at almost 5 or 6 percent copper. 

The total reservoirs available of the copper are available for almost for 40 years. Other than that, 200 years of reservoirs are also available. All that information has been put forward by the US geological survey. The latest survey also shows that copper contains around 680 million tons. 

Although the resources are huge in quantity its supply is very limited. That limited supply makes the prices go higher and beyond. It in turn compels the miner to look for new resources of copper now and then. 

Profitable Reservoirs 

All such reservoirs of the copper that have been discovered so far are assumed to be profitable for everyone and the economic growth of the country they are located in. Even those reservoirs that have been deemed undiscovered are estimated to be very much profitable if extracted and made productive. 

It is estimated that copper reservoirs will be extended to 3000 million tons. This figure is regardless of the copper found in water deep down the oceans. If you want to learn about the facts and figures associated with copper try reading about copper mining companies.

Without a doubt, all the copper exploration that occurs during the present and future will simultaneously be bought up by the ones who are currently using copper at a higher rate. Call this phenomenon urban mining. The same reason is behind the continuous recycling and reusing of copper. 

Copper Around the globe 

Inside Europe, the largest deposits are found to be in Russia and Poland. Some of the mines for copper extraction are currently in function inside Finland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, and Sweden. The EU mine is estimated to produce almost 855316 tons of copper. It is alone made up to be 5.3 percent of copper worldwide.

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Final Thoughts 

Nature has not distributed copper evenly on its brown and green fields. So, there is utmost need to evaluate all the sources properly and then take necessary actions to get them.