Big Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For NEET

Most of the students attempting NEET for the first time often are testing waters when it comes to their preparation strategy. However, one must be aware of the fact that the exam in question is the most prestigious competitive medical entrance test. Here, lakhs of students participate to qualify the test successfully and seek admissions to the top medical colleges of the country. Out of nearly 16 lakh students, barely 1.2 lakh students clear this test. When the figures are so intimidating, preparation is bound to be at par.

It has been observed from previous trend analysis that students often indulge in some practises which costs them several ranks and in worst cases drastically affects their scores. Be it the overlooking the NEET weightage for important chapters or undervaluing the vastness of the syllabus, aspirants have done it at a few instances. Here, with this article, we aim at bringing to the notice of students important pointers that should be taken into consideration while preparing for the NEET-UG exam. Read on.

1. Mistaking NCERT for its simplicity and referring to other sources – One of the biggest mistakes students tend to commit is underestimating NCERT sources. Candidates must realise that NCERT is the holy book for NEET and content from NCERT for all the chapters must be read line by line and mastered.

2. Diverging from Set Time table – It has also been observed from a survey that students who have not been able to score as expected is due to the fact that they would have diverged or failed to stick to the study planner prepared.

3. Keeping hard/tougher topics at bay – Turning a blind eye to topics that are challenging to one, is yet another blunder. Students must ensure to seek assistance and get all doubts cleared. All the topics in the NEET syllabus must be covered. Weightage of chapters must be known and chapters must be prioritized accordingly. For instance, NEET biology weightage must be looked into while preparing for the biology section, important chapters must be listed down and mastered first, followed by other chapters. This will take your preparation notches higher.

4. Referring to multiple books for NEET is yet another mistake. Stick to the suggested related books apart from NCERT. Referring to multiple sources may also lead to confusion due to the ambiguity in the information offered.

5. Memorizing over gaining conceptual knowledge – NEET is a test assessing one’s conceptual understanding of topics hence memorization and other rote learning techniques are a big flop here and must be strictly avoided.

6. Allowing preparation time to be the clincher to measure performance – One might have studied for 13-15 hours and stayed complacent given the time spent on studying. But remember, if quality learning is not practised, you have wasted time. Time spent on studying must not be a factor while measuring your performance when it comes to self-analysis. One must strategically divide time to learn/study and assess the learnt topics on the same day to check the effectiveness.

These were some points that NEET aspirants must consider while preparing and avoid them all to excel at NEET. Good Luck!

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