Alternatives of FirstOneTV You Should Try Today

FirstOneTV is one of the most searched websites for streaming the latest movies and TV series online for free of cost.

The official site of FirstOne TV was launched in 2015 and it is closed in 2018 as it was working quite well. FirstOne TV owners claimed that they had 50,000 global users daily who used to stream the movies on the site at a single time. For those who are a frequent user of FirstOne TV will open this website link was which is not streaming anymore and is displaying the“Goodbye, FirstOne TV has closed his service.

This is now affecting millions of people especially from the European countries especially the people from the United Kingdom.

Since I am also abig fan of FirstOneTV, I am here giving a brief idea about how to access channels online to watch Sports, news channels from any of the country.

The reason behind FirstOne TV is so popular is that it allows a user from any part of the world to browse for live TV channels from all over the world. FirstOneTV has all the latest movies, web series, TV series, Live channels, etc. It was fast loading with few ads only in comparison to any streaming site of today.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news for FirstOneTV users that the official website of FirstOneTV has been discontinued until further notice.

The official FirstOneTV website also displays the message that it will come up with some good news for its users in the future but until you can take better off looking for the similar sites like FirstOne TV.

We understand how hard it is to wait to stream the favourite TV shows and movies. Everyone deserves to watch a movie every now in the comfort of your home. It helps you in saving your time as you can find it streaming on this site like FirstOne tv.

We have many alternatives for the best FirstOne TV that will help you to keep happy. Following list of these alternatives

  #1:- Freeinter TV

FirstOneTV has stopped its service, I moved to Freeinter TV. FreeinterTV works similarly to FirstOneTV. There are more than 3000 TV channels available on FirstOne TV which can be accessed without any of the limitations. Some of the links are dead but the FirstOne TV team is always conscious and they update regularly very quickly.

In the homepage of Freeinter TV itself, you can see the option for filtering the channels based on the country and its genre. Once you select the desired country from the drop-down box, you will see all the channels from a particular country that can watch them just by a single click. You don’t need any of the other third-party tools or browser plugins to run this service. The service can be accessed on any of the devices that has a modern browser installed in it.

When coming to the User Interface, FirstOneTV is not known for its modern look. I want to say that the website still lacks in its design features. The template is too old and it is not mobile-friendly. Also, this website is in the blacklist from many countries not legal. You may need a VPN connection to unblock the website.

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#2:- Mobdro Mobile app

Mobdro is the favorite android app for watching live channels on your Android mobile. This is not an official or legally approved service. The team behind the Mobdro frequently checks for the updated links and update their mobile app with the right links.

Every channel inside the apps works perfectly in it. The bad feature is that only limited to the android app which means you can’t watch the channels on their website, iOS app, Windows app. Due to the copyright issues, the app is not available on any play store so you need to install directly from their website.

Mobdro has two versions like Free and Paid. Free means it is completely free which even don’t run on any of the ads whereas Paid means that you have some additional features like capturing the video, ChromeCast, etc. If you want to use the paid versionyou can directly do from the free one itself.

I always recommend the Mobdro for all android users for watching live TV. It is a user-friendly platform. You can easily search for the particular channel and you can filter out based on the country and genre.

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How you can use Mobdro TV Service on your PC?

Mobdro is designed only for Android devices, You can also use it on your PC. You can achieve this by using mobile emulator on your computer. Since the emulators are available for free of cost, you don’t have to spend any extra money on this.

There are many free android emulators available for the PC like Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, Memuplayer, etc are some of them.

Please follow the instructions below to access the Mobdro service on your PC.

Step 1:- You can install the Nox player on your PC.

Step 2:- You can go to the Mobdro official website. You can also download the latest apk file for the PC.

Step 3:- You can install the apk on your emulator. You can simply drag and drop apk files for the quick installation.

Step 4:- You can open the Mobdro app from the emulator and able to access all the Mobdro contents on your PC for free.


FirstOneTV is an illegal streaming service so it has been closed. I have mentioned two other services which is not the legal option to watch live channels.

FirstOneTV has stopped working and you can use the above-mentioned options. I won’t recommend you to continue with FirstOne TV because it violates the copyright laws in many countries. You can switch to any of the other legal options to watch live streaming online as mentioned above.