A Quick Guide On How To Use Twitter Cards For Social & SEO

Twitter Cards are protocols that allow your tweets to include or attach photos, videos, content, and other media in a better and richer format. It is similar to Facebook’s Open Graph protocol which enables rich Facebook search results that are more attractive and engaging. 

Twitter Cards contains website links which makes it helpful for Social media marketing and Search engine optimization as well by driving traffic to the website, increases engagement, and improves click rates and ultimately conversions. 

Many times, small to medium businesses misunderstand that such Twitter Cards protocols are meant for big brands and demand deep technical know-how. In reality, any business can qualify for this rich format and therefore you must use and implement it. 

Especially, if you are someone who regularly writes blogs for your customer and use It for engagement, Twitter cards can be a game-changer. Similar to rich snippets in Google search results, Twitter cards can help the customer to know more about your brand using Twitter cards. This is possible because tweets look more authoritative, trustworthy, and engaging which makes customers click through easily. This can support social media marketing immensely. 

Twitter Cards can be effectively used for the introduction and launch of new products and offers, spread useful information or events, sharing videos, and even landing pages. This can help you achieve different objectives like brand awareness, lead generation and much more.

For SEO, you should know that Tweet pages do get indexed by search engines. Therefore, there is every possibility that Twitter Card content may get indexed as well. Of course, the links on the pages may be no-followed but it can show local citation value in few cases. 

Such strategies are used by professional social media marketing services and SEO experts because the benefits of using Twitter Cards are many. You can surely take the help of such experts to boost social media engagement and SEO rankings

Twitter Card Types

There are five different types of this. The popular ones are:

Summary Card – This type can be used for blogs, news, product information, etc. It previews by showing the title, description, and image. 

Summary Card with large image – Similar to Summary card, this type enables you to use with an image of large size. 

Other types include app card, lead generation card and player card. 

The code to enable Twitter Cards is simple as it contains a few meta tags. 

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