A Nature Lover’s Guide to Ooty

A trip to the beautiful town of Ooty is about calmness and a sense of sublime. When I visited Ooty, I couldn’t help but admire its lush greenery and scenic vistas, spotting some of the rarest flowers and birds. Even the road trip to the town was visually stunning! I had booked a car rental from Bangalore to Ooty with a local driver and the journey was extremely relaxing and picturesque.

Being a nature lover, I booked my accommodation in a little cabin surrounded by trees in the middle of a tea plantation. Every morning, I woke up to the chirping of birds that fluttered around. Without any time to waste, I tried to do and see something new each day in Ooty.

Places to Visit in Ooty for a Nature Lover 

The best part of this trip was that it offered a relaxing time, a few places to visit as well as a few adventures like trekking, boating, horse riding, and many more. However, some of the places where I felt one with nature are:

 Botanical Garden

This was the very first place I visited during the trip. The botanical garden offered a wide variety of trees and flowers housed on 55 hectares of land. This was also covered in meadows that presented an out-of-the-world feeling. Strolling through the garden, I didn’t even realize how fast time went by while enjoying it immensely.

Dolphin’s Nose

This is a point in Ooty that offers a bird’s eye view of the surrounding land. The point is about 1551 feet above sea level, and it is a beautiful sight, especially during sunrise and sunset. I climbed to the top-most point during the sunset; with the sun providing the perfect light setting, the view was surreal!

Doddabetta Peak

During the initial planning process, this peak had come up a lot of times as the highest in the Nilgiris. This meant I had to visit it. With the use of the telescope house that is located at the top, I was able to see how marvelous nature can be if treated well. The trees and forests surrounding the peak provided a green paradise that not many have the luxury to see.

Pykara Lake

Ooty is one of the cities that has a lot of lakes, adding to its tranquillity. Considering that not many people visit these places, it was the perfect spot for a picnic, soon followed by camping alongside the lake. With an abundance of trees surrounding the lake, it provided a natural shelter against the sun’s heat. Just like the day, the evening had also presented an air of serenity, where I had one of the best night’s sleep.

Summer Festival

Since I had visited Ooty during the summer, I was able to attend the summer festival. The festival was held in May and showcased a wide variety of flower shows that anyone who calls themselves a nature lover would enjoy. The Ooty Tourist Department conducts the summer festival and offers other cultural programs for those interested in participating in different activities.

The whole trip was one wonderful experience that was relaxing and peaceful. Through the use of a reliable car booking app, getting around the city was a piece of cake. In the end, I was able to enjoy the goodness of nature and see what all it provides, making this holiday special and refreshing.