5 Ways the Right Technology Can Increase Workforce Productivity in Your Long Term Care Home

Use for Technological Programs in the Healthcare Field

Technology has become a prominent ally in the healthcare system. The creation of electronic medical records directly supports the efficiency demand in this growing sector. Its benefits include streamlining accuracy, patient confidentiality protection, and facility cost reduction. In addition, shift filling software is an advanced approach to scheduling and record keeping. This system supports employee productivity that will help streamline businesses by promoting efficacy and savings. 

Today’s health care programs are focused on meeting the needs of the individual. So, whether that means aging at home or in a facility, technology plays a pivotal role in supporting their choice. For example, programs like electronic medical records help with:

  • patients daily living patterns 
  • targeting the clients’ specific needs 
  • streamlining health interventions and applying new ones
  • promoting ease of correspondence with family and care workers

In addition, technologies’ role in supporting businesses plays a crucial part in streamlining their procedures to enhance the welfare of the clients and workers. 

Challenges for the Workforce in Care Facilities

Long-term care is now utilizing technology in new ways, promoting aging or disabled individuals to live as unaided as possible. Providing accurate information to caregivers can improve clients’ regular daily functions and encourage independence. Some facilities depend on technology to increase performance in caregiving but face challenges like: 

  • obsolete communication tools
  • patient regulation on healthcare information
  • system framework that is undependable
  • unreliable scheduling systems

When also faced with facilities receiving eight to ten call-ins a day, these difficulties can lead to higher employee stress. And with an average of eight clients to one caregiver in the day and thirty two clients to one in the evenings, staffing shortages are common. These areas are of great concern for the workers, patients, and facilities because their infrastructure depends on a functional and reliable system. 

Strategies to Improve Long Term Care in Facilities

The caregivers are an essential part of the business, so it is imperative to find technology to promote a healthier work environment. Following just a few measures can help increase morale and boost worker productivity.

1. Developing and facilitating employee self-care. Caring for others can create a high burnout rate, especially when the individual is a full-time worker. Promoting behaviours to help ease worker stress like regular breaks and encouraging healthy habits are excellent choices. Technology can implement wellness programs that remind employees via notification to nurture themselves with relaxation or movement exercises regularly, leading to higher productivity.  

2. Streamlined technology options. With paper becoming obsolete, having a handheld option for information at an employee’s fingertips is an innovative solution. Implementing an EMR system promotes having all the patient’s health data at their fingertips, eliminating time and energy wasted searching for information. 

3. Regular training options. Technology helps to facilitate what is needed to improve the employee’s education and training to ensure they are fully competent. Keeping track of skills or lessons helps ensure a concrete understanding of the facility’s procedures. Providing the employees are using the best methods possible for care promotes less answer-seeking and more confidence.

4. Enhancing team support and cohort connection. A significant factor in burnout for caregivers is a lack of feeling supported by their peers. The simple act of gratitude and compassion between peers increases productivity and well-being. Apps are convenient and can nurture a strong workplace culture and help individuals connect and communicate, promoting congruity.

5. Extra company savings. A caretaker’s job can greatly toll the worker’s physical, mental, and emotional states. You want your workers to feel the best they can, so encouraging them to get the proper rest and exercise is a way to keep them healthy. Healthier employees also lead to higher productivity and efficiency. Providing technology that promotes regular time for physical movement creates healthier employees, which saves on rising premiums. 

Options to Streamline your Workplace for Improved Communication and Employee Productivity

Cutting-edge products are the key to sustaining an environment that promotes structural integrity and ease. Scheduling software will help ensure more efficient productivity and which means higher quality care for the elderly. The software that is available enables:

  • shift filling solutions for call-ins
  • automated scheduling
  • staff management software  

The ability to streamline communication via shift-filling software is an excellent option to improve your employee’s morale and reliability. Providing an easy-to-use choice that guides personal support workers with four possibilities for communication lets them choose how they wish to be informed. This option also ensures there are no unanswered questions or calls. 

Owners, home or long-term care managers, and supervisors benefit from shift planning software. These apps help by including predictive schedulers for history-based patterns to forecast your staff needs to reduce shortages. 

The application can decrease overtime costs by showing overscheduling issues for more balance and structure. Having a program that ensures less overworking and more support with a specialized program will boost employees’ morale. Implementing an easy-to-install shift management software program requires little maintenance and will provide results in all aspects of your business.  

This automated shift-filling software also works to reach employees with a specialized service that promotes ease for the scheduler. It is easy to use, convenient, and by having a nursing home scheduling app, you will be connected to your staff if they have questions or issues.

Creating Ease and Structure Through the Use of Excellent Medical Programs

Due to quantitative increases in the need for speedier and streamlined care means having an efficient system in place. Technology is the way to ensure you are meeting the needs of your staff, facility, and clients by implementing programs that support all three at once. Having a reliable option to promote flexibility and ease is a crucial factor to a successful business.

Having a web and app-based program containing the same functional features and offering a 98% accuracy rate for predictive posting is the future of streamlined scheduling. Click here to learn more about shift filling software.