Pay per click(PPC) is a popular advertising model used in many online marketing campaigns for attracting traffic to a website. The beauty of PPC marketing is that as an advertiser, you only pay your ad publisher when your ad gets a click. That ensures you do not invest huge amounts of money into marketing campaigns that are not measurable.

In the PPC advertising model, you pay a fixed amount every time a user clicks on your ad and visits your website. The principle behind PPC marketings is to buy visits to your website and generate beneficial user practices such as purchasing a product or signing in to your website. Common PPC marketing platforms include Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Microsoft advertising, etc.

Let’s look at the top benefits of PPC marketing.


The top benefit of PPC marketing is that it is cost-effective. In PPC ads, you only pay for the traffic the ads generate, making it an excellent marketing option for those who want measurable results on a budget. Everyone is looking for a cost-effective but high-impact advertising model, especially in the age of the covid  19 pandemic.

Since customers are currently spending more time online, PPC marketing is one of the best ways of displaying your business in front of a million people on the internet. With PPC, you only pay for clicks which gives you complete control over your marketing budget.

Instant traffic

Organic marketing focuses on the visibility of your website to make it appear on the first page of Google, but it takes months to achieve. You can take advantage of Google’s pay-per-click advertisement slots, which is another way of getting your page on the first page of a search. As you may already know, many online users do not go past the first page of Google results. Climbing the Google ranking through organic traffic can take months, so PPC marketing comes in when you need instant traffic.

It drives active leads.

The best thing about PPC advertising is that it drives active users who are searching for your services. PPC marketing displays your products or services to users who are already searching or interested in what you have to offer. Only your target audience gets to see the ad, and it is more advantageous since a user in your target audience is more likely to click the ad. That means you don’t waste even a single click.

You can choose when your ad is active.

In PPC advertising, you have the freedom to choose when and where your ad will be displayed. That means you can study your target audience’s behaviors and see when and what time displaying PPC ads will benefit your business the most. Plus, you can show your ads on various platforms, so you only have to choose one that appeals to your audience the most.

More visibility

PPC marketing gives you a better positioning and more visibility on search engines. You can display your ads on sites that your target audience uses most, including social media and search engines, ultimately boosting your brand visibility.

The bottom line

PPC marketing gives you quantitative results, including impressions, clicks, and conversions, so you can assess how your digital marketing is doing.