3 Ways Technology Can Help You Find a Home

Did you know that 27.1 million Americans–around 8.4% of the population–moved last year?

Whether people move to find a better home, live in a nicer neighborhood, be closer to a job, or enjoy better weather, it takes work to find a new home. Hiring the right realtor will help since real estate professionals know the ins and outs of looking for homes, finding the best deals, negotiating terms, and achieving the best possible outcome for clients.

Your realtor will provide great service, but there are also things you do. With the help of some technology, you can increase your odds of finding the right property for you and your family.

Here’s a look at 3 ways using technology can help you find the home of your dreams at a price that won’t turn the home buying process into a nightmare.

1. Google Earth

Are you looking for a home in an unfamiliar area? You might want to learn more about the area before asking your realtor to book a viewing. One option is Google Earth. Type in the address of any home for sale you find online and prepare to be blown away.

You can see the exterior of the property in great detail. Get a bird’s eye view or look at it the way you would if you were physically on location. Google Earth features a complete 3D rendering of its satellite data, so you’ll get the sort of view that will help you decide whether or not you want to see it in person.

This technology will save you a lot of time and effort. When people book home viewings with their agents, they often end up at homes they immediately know are not for them. With Google Earth, you can look at any properties your agent has found to weed out houses that don’t interest you. If you want a more focused homebuying process, Google Earth will help. You can also use the online program to check out an entire neighborhood ahead of visiting.

2. Virtual Home Tours

While tech like Google Earth is great for getting great views outside of homes or a bird’s eye views of communities, virtual home tours are great for seeing inside homes. If you’re interested in a home and have access to a virtual tour option, you’ll be able to tour the property virtually.

You’ll be able to virtually walk up and down the staircase, go in and out of rooms, and explore the layout. By the time you’ve completed the virtual home tour, you’ll know whether or not you want your realtor to book an in-person home viewing.

3. Find the Right Agent

One of the best ways to track down the right real estate agent is by asking people you know for suggestions. You can ask family members, friends, co-workers, or neighbors to recommend realtors who have helped them. Otherwise, you can use the internet to find reputable realtors with solid track records.

Don’t assume that one realtor is necessarily as good as another one. Some will have expertise in specific areas. If you live in one state but plan to move to another, you’ll want help from a realtor who can operate in multiple states. A real estate agent who wants to work in more than one state will have to apply. The internet will help you track down a qualified realtor to help with your home search.

These are some of the ways technology can help you buy a home. While there’s still a lot of hard work involved, using the right technology will make things easier.