10 Creative Photo Gift Ideas

If you’re planning on getting a gift for a loved one or a close friend, one of your best options could be a photo related gift, featuring the photo of you, them and their family, or all of you together. You could even feature a photo of a beloved pet.

You don’t want to simply hand them a printed photograph, so how can you present this photo in a creative way?

Why Photo Gifts Are So Valuable

Creative photo gifts are valuable for a few main reasons:

·       A true personal touch. First, including a photo means you’ll be adding a personal touch. This gift will instantly become personalized, making it unlike anything else on store shelves. More importantly, you can show that you put thought and effort into this gift and form a stronger bond with the recipient.

·       Instant accessibility. If you’re like most people, you already have access to hundreds, if not thousands of photographs of your closest loved ones. Finding the right photo probably won’t be hard, and you’ll enjoy yourself as you browse through all your options.

·       Creative flexibility. You have practically unlimited creative flexibility for how you use these photos and what type of gift you want to buy. Thanks to the diversity and abundance of online product providers, you can include a photograph on almost anything.

Creative Photo Gift Ideas

These are some of the best creative photo gift ideas you can use for that special someone in your life:

1.  A calendar. Print a custom calendar that shows off 12 (or more) of your favorite photographs. Calendars have functional utility, giving people a physical space where they can write down appointments, make scheduling notes, and generally become more organized in their life. On top of that, most people keep calendars nearby, in the kitchen or at a workspace. Because of this, they’re going to see all your favorite photos almost constantly, and on a rotating basis.

2.  A snow globe. Of course, your gift doesn’t have to be practically functional to be loved and enjoyed. You also have the option of creating a snow globe with your favorite photos. This can function like a framed photo and like a paperweight, and whenever the recipient wants, they can shake things up to see a beautiful little snowstorm around your photo.

3.  A decoratively framed photo. A basic framed photo isn’t necessarily a bad gift, but it’s not a very creative one. If you want to elevate it to the next level, consider decorating the frame yourself. Even simple modifications, like using a hot glue gun to affix various decorative elements to the outside of the frame, can instantly make this gift more personal and unique.

4.  A phone case. This is another gift idea that falls into practical territory. Almost everybody has a phone and almost everybody needs to protect that phone with an exterior case that can withstand impact. Adding a photo to a case like this can make it more personal and bring a smile to your recipient’s face every time they pick up the phone.

5.  A puzzle. Half of adults complete a puzzle at least once a year. Why not make that puzzle more interesting and more personal by including some of your favorite photographs? This idea is valuable because it’s not just a photograph; it’s an interactive activity. When your recipient is done with the puzzle, they’ll have the option to glue it and frame it wherever they choose.

6. Etched jewelry. If you want to make an even bigger statement to your recipient, consider etching a replica of your favorite photograph onto a piece of jewelry. Obviously, this method will be more expensive than some of the other customizations on this list. But it’s bound to make a much bigger impact.

7.  A holiday ornament. For something simpler, consider including a photograph on a holiday ornament. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift, this could be a perfect fit. You can even customize an ornament by hand if you’re creatively inclined.

8.  custom graphic portraits. If you’re interested in spicing up in existing photograph, consider hiring a graphic designer to create a custom graphic portrait for you. They’ll take inspiration from the existing photograph and take it in a new direction, customizing any details you choose.

9.  Apparel. Another common creative photo gift idea is apparel. Shirts, socks, ties, and even underwear can all be customized with your favorite photographs. Just make sure you know the person’s size before committing to a purchase here.

10. A blanket or towel. Blankets are always in demand. Whether you’re interested in staying warm in the winter or just getting cozier with your favorite movie, everyone loves a blanket. Towels are similarly practically valuable. Getting your custom photos printed on a blanket or towel will likely be more expensive than getting them printed on a calendar or snow globe, but it might be worth the effort – especially if you’re including a silly photo as a joke.

Whichever photo you choose, and whichever method you choose to present it, your recipient will probably love your gift. While you’re in the decision making process, jot down other ideas you find interesting; you may be able to use them for gifts for other people in your life in the future.