Top 10 WooCommerce plugins for eCommerce sites in 2021

Entrepreneurs are looking into creating an online store to begin the journey into the e-commerce platforms. They can hire a WordPress expert. This is a very interesting field for many growing entrepreneurs. This is a sector in which many of them are keen to venture into. After the initial stage of beginning the WordPress site up the next step to do is to look at plugins. There are many different plugins available on the platforms that individuals can choose from. The greatest challenge for most WordPress site owners and for the WordPress website development services. This is to decide the right plugins for their webpage. As there are a wide array of options, some might feel overwhelmed by these choices. Hence, with the use of the top 10 best WordPress plugins for e-commerce one can enhance their site by many folds.  

WordPress is the world’s biggest Content Delivery Network (CDN). It is flexible, trustworthy and also trendy among the users. It is the reason for the growth of nearly one third of the web pages available today. The main reason why WordPress is so trendy is due to its user friendliness. If an individual is tech-savvy, then they can engage in a high-level web creation with WordPress. However, if the individuals are lacking experience with web creation, then WordPress can be very useful to its users. Hence, the combination of a huge structure and a wide array of plugins, this tremendously increases the site functionality. This is the reason why WordPress remains as the best choice for creating e-commerce web pages. 

The following is the list of 10 best WordPress plugins and WordPress website development services for e-commerce web pages. 

WooCommerce is one of the most required plugins, mainly if the individuals have begun creating the web pages. This plugin is free and it is extremely useful if individuals are working on an e-commerce site with WordPress. It possesses some features that are essential like payment gateways, determining taxes, shipping costs, and many others. 

It also includes various other customization options and a great amount of knowledge that comes together with it. It also consists of a huge support team that can help to sort out issues rapidly to ease the process of the web creation.

Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) for any site is very essential if one is just focusing on SEO, then they have mistaken. SEO aids the site to become more discoverable and do better on the search results. It also helps to increase traffic and thus bringing greater revenue. The Yoast SEO plugin enhances the site’s information for proper SEO. It is simple to use and it is user-friendly. It reduces the hassle and allows work to be done promptly. 

OptinMonster plugins aid one to optimize their site for conversations. It allows for designs and for campaigns. It makes conversing much easier and that provides a platform to make more revenue.  It does not need any coding experience. It also has the drag-and-drop functions that allows one to implement traits like the floating messages, drop down bars, pop-ups and many other useful features 

Easy Digital Downloads provides a straightforward and a very simple plugin that helps one to sell more. The plugin consists of all essential features that one needs in the e-commerce site, like the payment gateways and other useful extensions. It is also very compatible with WordPress themes and there are also themes built specifically for Easy Digital Downloads.

MemberPress is a plugin that is very useful for selling digital subscriptions or subscription-related digital products such as an online course. There are many extensions that allow the MemberPress to get linked with third party providers and even WooCommerce. 

MemberPress is also one of tht top rated WordPress Membership plugins in terms of its usability. 

BigCommerce is another best plugin that provides high end scalability features. It is easy to take care of and it integrates with WordPress. There are no transaction charges required for this. Unlike the many other e-commerce platforms that charge individuals for every transaction made. The process with BigCommerce is simpler as individuals can select from multiple top payment methods or pay the payment service provider, thus making the process much easier. 

SeedProd is called a do-it-all plugin. It is simple and has interesting features. It is also very compatible. SeedProd is the best plugin to aid in a product launch or for making announcements, even before one has a WordPress site live. 

Meet Constant Contact is an excellent and effective feature. It is a feature-filled email marketing plugin consisting of all tools that one needs for a marketing campaign. It helps to create professional-looking email marketing campaigns, this increases the open rates drastically. 

Cart Recovery for WordPress helps to make remarketing a simple step. The plugin allows one to track what users add to their carts and what they have left out.  Users can use their data to send out emails targeting their specific customers. This can also be done automatically. 

Customers doing their online shopping seek convenience and security. They can hire a WordPress expert or use these WordPress plugins for e-commerce, the customers can have a fruitful shopping experience. The payment gateways also provide secure payment options and data analytics to scale the e-commerce site.