Stay in Contact with Parents at the Touch of a Button Using a School App

Communication between schools and parents has never been so important. With more and more pressure on administration services and the need to keep costs down across the board, many more school heads are looking at technology to solve their problems.

One key area where things have improved is how many schools are starting to use apps rather than simply their online website.As most heads know, Ofsted is keen that schools do all they can to improve communication with parents.

These new dedicated school apps have become increasingly popular for several reasons:

  • They allow schools to stay in contact with parents simply and effectively.
  • The app can be monitored and controlled from one central source.
  • Communication becomes streamlined and more cost-efficient.
  • The app can be developed to deliver even more useful content such as blogs and video, as well as handle common administrative tasks such as sickness and absence monitoring.

Low-Cost Communication

Perhaps a decade ago, developing an app for your school would have been prohibitive simply because of the cost. The good news is that the price of development has come down dramatically while still allowing you to develop a tailored tool to suit your needs.

Reduce Admin Costs

Running the admin for a school can be extremely costly. A dedicated app can make information easily available but it also allows you to communicate directly with parents when you need to. This should release admin staff so they can utilise their time better instead of trying to reach out to parents using different methods. Parents too can quickly access important information rather than calling up admin desks.

Everyone Has a Portable Smart Device

A few things have changed over the last decade which makes a school app a good idea for modern schools. Many parents now have a smartphone or tablet and they can download your school app for free. When they need information or want to send a message, they can simply tap on the icon and have access.

You can also set up notifications for parents which can be useful. You can use this facility to send important messages or update parents with what is happening in the school. Messages can be sent immediately and appear automatically on someone’s phone in just a few seconds. This can prove invaluable if, for example, you have an emergency such as having to close the school down because of poor weather.

You Get Excellent Communication Functionality

A dedicated school app gives you plenty of scope. You can add different functionality to suit your needs at any time. For example, you can link the app up to your school MIB, integrate with text and SMS, add sickness and absence reporting and even have a booking system and online payments for special events.

An app allows you to take the functionality of your school website and make it more accessible. You can, for example, add blogs and videos that show what pupils and teachers have been up to. You can engage with multiple family members and also produce content in different languages.

When it comes to Ofsted, creating a dedicated app ticks a lot of communication boxes. It’s not just about that, however. Parents genuinely appreciate having that closer connection with the school their child is attending and it can even help promote more communication and engagement.