Guide to storing electronics in self-storage

Storing things away in a storage unit is the best way to free some space in Your home. One of the things that take up the most space in Your home would surely be electronic devices. They always come in boxes that are big and they have a lot of cables and accessories with them. Storing these things in Your home can take up a lot of Your free space. This is why a lot of people decide to rent a storage unit. No matter where You live You will be able to find a storage unit that suits Your needs. But storing electronics is not as easy as one might think. You have to know the right way to do it as well as where exactly you should be storing electronics in self-storage units. This is what we are here to help You with. We have written this short guide to storing electronics in self-storage units that is going to help You keep Your electronics safe and undamaged while they are stored away. 

Declutter Your home

The first thing You need to do is to find the storage unit that suits Your needs. This is different for everyone as nobody has the same amount of things that they want to store away from their home. This is why before You actually begin the search for a storage unit You need to take out the time to declutter Your home and to sort your belongings out. Cleaning and tidying up Your home will never be enough to make it look much nicer than it did before. We all tend to clutter certain items that we don’t really need. After some time, these things begin to make our space look crowded and cluttered. This is why decluttering at least once a year is a very important thing to do if You care about the space where You are living. 

Declutter Your home at least once a year.

After You get rid of the things that no longer serve You, You will know exactly how many things You have that need to be stored away. Make sure You write all of them down in a list that is going to later be Your inventory list so that You know exactly what is stored away in Your storage unit. A lot of the time, people forget what they have left in their self-storage unit and end up purchasing things that they already have because they completely forgot about them.

Start searching for a storage unit

After You know what needs to be stored away, You are now ready to start searching for a suitable storage unit. There are plenty of places for You to find these units, no matter where You live. They are all over the country. But have in mind that not every storage unit is the one to rent. There are companies that provide units that are much better than others. And some companies even offer different types of storage units.

You can choose between climate-controlled self-storage units and regular ones. This is pretty self-explanatory so we will not go into details of the differences between the two. But have in mind that since You are actually storing electronics in self-storage, You need to provide maximum protection for Your items. This is why in this instance, storing Your electronics in a climate-controlled storage unit is the way to go. This way, Your electronic devices won’t get damaged from being stored improperly. And this is very important if You want to keep Your devices working like they used to do even after being stored away for a while.

Find a suitable storage unit.

But have in mind that renting these storage units that are climate-controlled is not such a small expense. This is why a lot of people opt for regular storage units. This is also a possibility but You then have to know how to pack up these devices properly.

Know how to pack up your electronic devices

The next thing You need to know before You just take Your belongings to the self-storage unit is just how they should be packed. Especially if renting a regular self-storage unit. Packing is not as easy as just putting the things back into the boxes in which they came in if you happen to still have them. Sure, these boxes provide protection, but is that really enough? It isn’t, we can tell You this right away. You will surely need to invest in good packing supplies. We suggest getting bins that give protection to your belongings. Plastic ones will work best. The plastic keeps the water and the moisture away. Using them is very important if You don’t want Your belongings damaged.

Get the right packing supplies for Your devices.

Make sure You are getting Your supplies from a reliable source so that You know that You are actually investing in something that is made of quality materials. offers such bins and it is worth checking them out. But boxes and bins are not the only things You will need. Get some bubble packs as well. This will provide extra protection if something happens such as an earthquake or anything similar that can cause your belongings to fall. This is a very common thing in a lot of states across the country so we have to mention this as well.

Store Your belongings logically

When taking and placing Your belongings inside of a storage unit, make sure that You are doing it logically. For example, if storing a fridge away, You will not leave it last since it is very big and takes up a lot of space. Store heavier objects at the bottom and then stack lighter ones on top. A lot of people are The Advantages Of Buying Used Tech which is why if You manage to store them away properly You will probably be able to sell them if You decide that You don’t need them.