Evaluating The Features That Can Be Added In A Chat SDK

If you’re taking a closer look at the benefits of using a chat SDK than building you chat app from scratch, you’ll want to look at all the features you’ll have access to. If you’re going to offer chat features to your audience, you’ll want to have access to these kinds of features as well. 

Push Notifications 

It can be frustrating to miss a message someone sends to you through a chat service. Thankfully, with a chat SDK, you can make sure that no one who uses your chat service misses important messages. 

You can add push notifications, which means that people will immediately be notified when someone has sent them a new message. Users may even be able to read those messages on their lock screens. Best of all, a range of push providers is supported. 

User Profiles 

When people use chat services, they often want to provide more information than a username. With chat SDK, you can make it possible for users to create a complete user profile. You can even allow users to upload an avatar to represent them. 

When you can put a personalized spin on your chat tool, people will be more interested in using it. People will start inviting their friends, and positive word of mouth will help your app to grow! User profiles can make your chat tools a better place for people to communicate with each other.

Message History 

It’s possible to have user message history stored in the cloud, which means users will be able to look back at their old messages at any time. It’s also possible to sync message history with new devices. 

When people switch to a new device, they often lose old messages they share with their friends. With this feature, you can ensure that they won’t miss out on anything. It’s a feature that can help to build user loyalty. 

Public Chat Rooms 

People don’t always want to talk to people they already know on chat apps. Sometimes, they want to meet and chat with new people. If you compare chat SDK to building app from scratch, you can ask the chat SDK company to include a feature that gives users a way to create their public chat rooms.

You can also create themed rooms that users can enter and use. You may not have a large user base when you launch your chat app. With these kinds of features, you’ll have a way to keep people interested and engaged. 

Private Chat Rooms 

Public chat rooms can be exciting, but users may also want to talk to groups of people they already know. Thankfully, with chat SDK, you can also allow users to create private chat rooms or group chats. 

There aren’t any restrictions on how large a private chat will be, and it will be easy for users to invite someone new to the chat. Users will have the chance to create chat rooms that are exactly right for them. 

Search Features 

When people start to use new chat service, one of the first things they’ll want to do is find their friends. With chat SDK, you’ll be able to introduce flexible search features to your app that people will want to take advantage of. 

Because of the open API, you’ll also be able to come up with your search indexes. You can pay attention to how people are using your chat service and add the kinds of features you know your audience will be interested in. 

Login Options 

Logging into a chat service shouldn’t be a hassle. If someone can’t remember their password, they may quit using your chat service and switch to something else. Thankfully, if you utilize chat SDK, you’ll be able to offer people all kinds of different login options. 

You can also add authentication options so that your users have ways to protect their accounts. You can create custom authentication options that will help your users to feel more secure. 

Multiple Message Types 

There are different message types that you can send people via chat, including text messages, image messages, and video messages. Chat SDK is designed to support different kinds of images, which means you can create a service that offers the kind of functionality that your users expect. 

On top of that, you can even come up with your message types for users to send. This can be a fantastic way for you to distinguish your chat service from some of your competitors. Be creative and let users send messages that they wouldn’t be able to send anywhere else. 

Other Benefits 

Not only are there all kinds of different features that you can add through chat SDK, but there are other benefits you’ll be able to enjoy as well. Chat SDK is designed to be scalable, which means you’ll be able to expand and improve your chat service as it becomes more popular. 

You’ll also have full control over your app data, including your source code. You can modify the source code if you choose to do so and having access to data means that it will be easy for you to create custom solutions to the problems you’re struggling with. 

Best of all, you won’t have to solve problems on your own if you don’t have to. You’ll have access to support if you need it. If you’re struggling with something, or if you have a question that you haven’t been able to find the answer to, you’ll be able to get the help that you need.