3 Common Mistakes That Can Be Hurting Your Website

Have you wondered why your website cannot appear at the top of Google and other search engines? You may be having the best website in your niche but rank low. The reasons for your website ranking low are beyond publishing quality content. 

Sometimes you have to reach out to website development services for help on ranking your website at the top. If you are handling your website building from scratch and want to rank at the top, you should correct these three mistakes that may cost your website.

1. Low-quality content 

When it comes to driving quality traffic to your website and ranking at the top, content is king. You should ensure the content you publish on your site is fresh and up to the task. That means it should be relevant and evergreen. 

Update the content on your website regularly as proof that your business is active. This way, you give your customers or visitors a reason to revisit your website. Always ensure you create a content calendar and that you keep updating the content on your website.

2. Poor navigation 

The best website is one that users can easily access the content they are looking for. When customers visit your website, they should know what to do next as soon as they reach the landing page. An easy-to-navigate website is one that Google crawlers understand.

If you suspect that your website is not easy to navigate, you should ensure you make the home and landing pages easy to access. That means prioritizing the internal links to the essential web pages. Poor website navigation is another reason most websites rank low on search engines.

3. Slow page loading speed

It should take at most 3 seconds for your website pages to open. The truth is most people on the internet hate to spend minutes waiting for a website to load. When it takes much time for users to access web pages on your site, they are more likely to bounce off. 

There are websites with information you have, and that means the completion is stiff. People can easily visit other websites and get the information they are looking for without delays. Therefore, you should ensure your website takes the shortest time possible to load. 

If you want to reduce the website loading time:

  • Minimize the HTTP requests on your site
  • Combine or minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files 
  • Minimize the host server response time 
  • Make your files load faster by enabling compression on your site. Smaller files load faster than larger files.
  • Enable browser caching on your website so that users don’t have to download the website HTML document the next time they visit your website
  • Large images slow website loading. You can reduce the image sizes to boost your website loading time.
  • Use other networks like CDN besides your server host to decrease load time and make your website readily available on the internet. 

Final Thoughts 

A website is a valuable tool for any business that seeks to remain online. If you want your website to rank on top and drive the right traffic, you should consider working on the content, loading time, navigation, and visibility. These are crucial factors you should consider to boost SEO