10 Books on Leadership and Management

Moving up in any field often requires strong leadership and management skills. This means aspiring leaders and managers must have the know-how and experience to guide teams. To do so, individuals can read thought-provoking books. Moreover, they can improve their professional abilities or prepare for the ILM Level 5 Courses also, reading Books on Leadership and Management can be a rewarding experience.

So, people who want to leave a mark of their strong leadership must read this blog. This blog will cover 10 books that can encourage and drive you to become a great leader. Read ahead to learn more!

Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is a famous leader, wrote a book for women aspiring to become leaders. The book stocks the faces of American women while aiming for leadership positions. Sandberg uses her own experiences to offer practical tips for women to succeed as leaders. To assist aspiring leaders, ILM Level 5 publications specialising in cutting-edge leadership dynamics can benefit from analysing this book because it adds to the discourse on variety and inclusion.

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us – Daniel H. Pink

Simon Sinek’s book gives a brand new manner to think about leadership. He talks about “The Circle of Safety,” in which extremely good leaders prioritise their crew’s well-being. This applies to advanced leadership training (ILM Level 5) but also benefits any leader. His ideas help create a team environment where everyone works together effectively.

Leadership and Self-Deception – The Arbinger Institute

This book takes a brand new angle at commonplace leadership ideas. It asks leaders to question their own assumptions and focuses on how important it is to truly understand themselves. The book highlights that becoming a higher chief calls for non-public growth and self-cognisance. This cognisance of self-development aligns nicely with the dreams of ILM Level 5 courses, whose purpose is to develop strong management abilities.

Good to Great – Jim Collins

This book by Jim Collins explains the fundamental factors that make businesses excel in the market. This book is a valuable resource for leaders aiming to propel their organisations, especially those undertaking ILM Level 5 training and beyond. It acts as a mentor for leaders willing to take their companies to new heights.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

Stephen Covey’s best-selling book gives a supporting hand. It outlines seven centre standards that can be a sport-changer in your personal growth and fulfilment. Setting work priorities and encouraging a collaborative environment are just two habits that can help people become better leaders. ILM Level 5 courses incorporate Stephen Covey’s thoughts on being at the top and leading others; they should work on themselves first.

Dare to Lead – Brené Brown

Earlier, leaders were seen as strong and unemotional. Brené Brown says showing your struggles and feelings (being vulnerable) is actually a good thing for a leader. This makes space for open communication and new ideas, which helps with innovation. This aligns flawlessly with ILM Level 5 course, which ambitions to broaden inspiring leaders who encourage creativity.

Primal Leadership – Daniel Goleman, Richard E. Boyatzis, and Annie McKee

This book explains about the importance emotional intelligence for leaders. It basically teaches aspiring leaders like yourself (especially those in ILM Level 5 training) how to be in touch with their own feelings and understand how others feel.

The book highlights that good leaders consider not just tasks and logic, but also people’s emotions. By understanding their own and others’ feelings, leaders can better guide their team and build stronger connections with them.

Leaders Eat Last ” by Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek challenges conventional management paradigms in this effective masterwork. He discusses the idea of “The Circle of Safety” and clarifies how top leaders place their group’s welfare first. Not only do Sinek’s observations apply to ILM Level 5 courses, but they also provide insightful guidance for anybody hoping to broaden a collaborative and simple lifestyle in their workplace.

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

By reading this book leaders can inspire and motivate their team members by explaining the “why” behind their actions. The main ideas of ILM Level 5 courses align well with Sinek’s views. This book emphasises that leaders with a clear goal and aspirations are key to an employer’s success.

The Innovator’s Dilemma – Clayton M. Christensen

Clayton Christensen’s studies explain why successful businesses have difficulty using new and disruptive innovations. The book provides comprehensive path for leaders involved in change management. It also helps promote innovation in their companies despite its primary focus on business strategy. This book adds to the ILM Level 5 reading list by providing fresh ways of thinking about business strategies.


These ten books are like lighthouses of knowledge that give you a deeper understanding of good leadership practices as you navigate management and leadership. The insights in these pages will inspire and revolutionise your leadership style, regardless of whether you’re getting ready for ILM Level 5 courses or want to improve your leadership abilities. So, begin your journey towards mastery by immersing yourself in the wisdom contained in these books.